Sunday, January 08, 2006

BJP man burnt alive by communists

Old news. A BJP leader was burnt alive by Communists. The attack appears to have well orchrestated, systematic and brutal. Around 1000 Communists were involved in the attack, the BJP leader's limbs were chopped off and he was set on fire. The police prevented his widow from filing a complaint. We had previously talked about a Congressman being hacked to death by criminals allegedly backed by CPM.

BJP man burnt alive to avenge CPM leader’s murder (The Statesman, May 24,2004)

Adikanta Dolui (45), Satra gram panchayat secretary and BJP loyalist, was burnt alive by a mob allegedly backed by the CPI-M at Birsachowk Bazar in Gopiballavpur yesterday. Around 40 shops and houses were robbed and set ablaze following the murder. The rampage was reportedly the fallout of the murder of senior CPI-M leader and the party’s Gopiballavpur local committee secretary, Ardhendu Satpati, near Birsa Bridge around 1.30 p.m. yesterday.
An hour after Satpati’s killing, about 1,000 men, armed with bows, arrows, tangi and knives, raided homes and shops belonging to BJP supporters at Birsachowk Bazar in search of Satpati’s killers. A scared Doloi had taken refuge in the house of one Mr Sudhir Das. The men dragged Doloi out of Mr Das’ house, chopped off his limbs and set him on fire after sprinkling petrol on him from the tank of his two-wheeler parked nearby, eyewitnesses said. The murder took place in the marketplace on Gopiballavpur-Hatibari Road.
The mob then set fire to about 40 shops and houses after robbing them. Several two-wheelers and bicycles parked in the market were destroyed in the blaze. The police posted in the market reportedly watched in silence. “All the crimes, including Doloi’s murder, were virtually committed under police escort,” alleged Mr Nityananda Doloi, brother of the deceased.
No one has been arrested though 12 BJP supporters were apprehended today from their native village, Tikaetpur, only a kilometre away, for Satpati’s murder, Mr Prasanta Mahapatra, BJP district committee vice-president, alleged.
On getting the news of his brother’s death, Mr Doloi and others rushed to Birsachowk Bazar from Tikaetpur. But the police chased them away with sticks and tried to intimidate the women, including Doloi’s widow, by assaulting them. When they resisted, the police opened fire in the air, Mr Doloi and Mr Mahapatra, who lives in Tikaetpur, said. “Even my brother’s widow was not allowed to see or touch her husband’s body,” Mr Doloi said.


Mr Doloi said they were not allowed by the police to go out of the village to lodge complaint with the Gopiballavpur police station which is 18 km away.



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