Sunday, January 08, 2006

Who are the Maoists?

A Jharkhandi leader, Chuni Bala Hansda, sheds light on the origins of certain Maoists. This was her response to the CPM's allegation that Jharkandis in Bengal are in cahoots with Maoists. We would like to point out at the CPM is cooperating with the Maoists in Nadia.

CPM sees Maoists in Jharkhandis (The Statesman, Jan 6,2006)

In fact, people like Maoist commander, Asit Sarkar of Garbeta, who are now in the Maoist squad, were erstwhile CPI-M cadres who had terrorised the Opposition in Garbeta-Hooghly in the 1990s. But, disenchanted with the highhandedness and lifestyle of “fake” Marxists like Mr Sarkar, who had amassed large sums of money over the past 29 years, they broke away to join the Maoists, the JKP chief alleged.


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