Sunday, January 08, 2006

Left Front constituents make life miserable for villagers

An old article highlighting the pathetic law and order situation in the Birbhum district.

Where clashes throttle celebrations (The Statesman, Oct 18,2004)

Two Left parties — the CPI-M and the Forward bloc — have been engaged in an age-old battle in the village, only to retain “power” in the area.
The outcome: no festival is being observed, neither any wedding being held here over the past few years, owing to the tension between these political parties. Guardians at the village are afraid to send their children to schools. And the children prefer to play fake gun battle, which they often see in the village, instead of conventional outdoor games. Every family keeps their door closed as soon as the sun sets.
In 2001, a CPI-M worker, Nomita Dolui, was killed allegedly by the FB workers in the village. This incident unleashed regular clashes between these two parties. Soon after, two more leaders — Nandadulal Ghosh of the FB and Ratan Halder of the CPI-M — were killed in clashes.
Since then, the economy and the social life of the village have completely been destroyed owing to the tension here. Majority of the male villagers prefer to stay away from the village and that’s why agriculture, the villagers’ main source of income, has been ruined. Social life has also faced a severe setback, as the villagers fear to stay outside after sunset.
The village has a primary school. A teacher of the school said that due to the tension, the school was under lock and key for an entire academic session. Now, though the school has opened, yet students prefer to stay away.




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