Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Communist kangaroo courts bring a family to the brink of starvation

The communist terror machine in action, a family faces starvation for standing up to the comrades.

No Marx for this! (The Statesman, Dec 29, 2005)

Karl Marx would have turned in his grave had he seen his followers here continuing a three-decade long legal battle over possession of a temple. The comrades, who confess to having got eventually “tired” of judicial procrastination and unfavourable verdicts, chose to up a “kangaroo” court to hand out their brand of justice. And, the “ruling” has brought an 86-year-old priest and his 14-member family to the brink of starvation.
Mr Subol Acharya was not allowed to harvest the paddy, jute and mustard crop growing on his 15-bigha holding that adjoins the temple of contention. This shrine to the deities Radha and Gobinda is a property of the Acharya family and the octogenarian had incurred the wrath of his neighbours when he refused to give in to their demand for a transfer of ownership. The villagers, led by CPI-M members, were arguing that the temple had been a public property for ages since the entire village had been praying there. Mr Acharya eventually moved court in 1972.
Mr Duryodhan Mondal, a villager, said: “The priest is a miser. The matter would be settled if he handed over the temple to us along with a one-bigha plot. Otherwise, we would not let him touch his crop. This year, we had to raise Rs 22,000 to pay the lawyers’ fees. He took us to the court. We will make him suffer.”
The Acharya family is entirely dependent on the land for a living. Penury has compelled Mr Acharya’s eldest son Mr Sushil Acharya to pull out his two children from Paharpur Union High School. The family is now selling its cattle to make both ends meet.



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