Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Congressman hacked to death in Nadia

As elections come nearer such acts of terror will increase.

Congman hacked to death in Nadia (The Statesman, Jan 2, 2006)

A 40-year-old Congress anchal committee president, Bagbul Sheikh, was brutally hacked to death last night in Nadia’s Nakashipara PS area by criminals who are apparently backed by the CPI-M.
The assailants mercilessly hacked off the hands and legs of the Congress leader with sharp-edged weapons. His amputated body was recovered by the police from a roadside ditch at Suksagar Ghat next to his motor cycle. Bagbul Sheikh of Suksagar Ghat had been elected as the Dogachi anchal president of the Congress barely six months ago and since then, he had become a popular political figure in the area.
Nakashipara block Congress chief Mr Dulal Singh Ray said, “Bagbul came to Bethuadahari yesterday to attend a party meeting. After the meeting, he was returning home on his motorcycle around 7.30 pm. But during the meeting, he received calls on his cellphone and was looking anxious. He even told me that the CPI-M backed criminal Rupchand has hired the notorious criminal Nurel for killing him. And the calls in the cell were all from Nurel... "


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