Thursday, January 05, 2006

Communist leaders leaders desert party fearing attacks from rival Communist group

CPI(M) leaders in Purulia had started deserting their party fearing attacks from their Communist rivals belonging to the CPI(Maoist), a month ago.

Fight Maoists (The Statestman, Date:Dec 09,2005)

Mr Biman Bose today asked the people to unite and fight the Maoist menace in the area. Unlike Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Mr Anil Biswas, who dared the Maoists, Mr Biman Bose after the Maoist attack yesterday on party leaders softened his stance against the ultras.
The CPI-M politburo member was addressing a DYFI rally at Silda in Belpahari, Midnapore West.
The rally was thinly attended as none of the party activists from Banspahari, Bholabheda and Simulpal gram panchayat areas — three Maoists' strongholds — didn't attend the rally. Party cadres from Bhelaidiha and Belpahari GPs were also few in number with the Maoists breathing on their shoulders.
This is apparent from the attacks of the outfit members on party leaders in Banspahari three days ago warning them to desert the CPI-M. Following this, three senior members of the party's Banspahari branch committee resigned yesterday though the CPI-M leadership in a face-saving move today released handbills claiming that they had been expelled from the party earlier for their truck with the Jharkhand Party (Naren).


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