Thursday, January 12, 2006

CPM bullet for Naxal bullet

Communist infighting gets amusing. CPM leader Biman Bose exhorts his partymen to a "bullet for bullet" response to the Naxalites and Naxalites leaders are appalled by the call to violence.
On the ground, the Communists have been killing each other for decades.

Rebels seethe at CPM salvo (The Telegraph, Jan 12, 2006)

Various Naxalite factions today criticised CPM politburo member Biman Bose for exhorting party workers in Purulia to use “bullet for bullet’’ to fight Maoist guerrillas.

“Bose’s comment was not a responsible one,” said Asim Chatterjee, the leader of the Communist Revolutionary League of India, a former constituent of the Left Front. “If anything, it would lead to a possible escalation of tension in the districts.”

Addressing a rally at Bandwan in Purulia yesterday, Bose, who is also the Left Front chairman, had urged party workers to take up arms to fight the Maoist guerrillas.

The rally, addressed by Bose and state CPM secretary Anil Biswas, was organised to boost the morale of party workers in the wake of the December 31 incident in which local CPM leader Rabindranath Kar and his wife were burnt alive and their house torched by the Maoists.

“Make sure next time they cannot escape after an attack. You have to resist them with arms,’’ Bose had told the gathering.
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