Sunday, January 15, 2006

Naxalites kill BRO engineer in Nagpur

Naxals strongly resist devolpment activities in the areas they dominate. They are afraid that development and the changes it brings might lead to them losing influence, so it is not unusual to see Naxals blow up railway tracks and blocking the construction of roads.

Naxalites kill BRO engineer in Nagpur( The Hindustan Times)

Press Trust of India
Nagpur, January 15, 2006
A group of Naxalites killed an engineer from Border Road Organisation (BRO) and beat up one overseer near Jimmalgatta in Gadhchiroli district, police said on Sunday.

The Naxalites 32-35 in number stormed the BRO camp in Jimmalgatta on Saturday night and dragged out engineer M Ganesh (37) and beat him up with sticks, killing him on the spot, police said.

The extremists later beat up overseer Lala Swarup and looted cash from the camp, police said adding the Naxalites also burnt official records.

The BRO was engaged in laying road network in the Naxal-infected area of Gadhchiroli district.



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