Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bengal polls: A nightmare explained

Veteran journalist Udayan Namboodri has written a book, Bengal’s Night Without End, which exposes the Marxist subversion of the electoral process and the state administration.

Bengal polls: A nightmare explained (The Statesman, Jan 12, 2006)

A new book with shocking revelations about the manner in which elections have been systematically rigged and opponents crushed during the past three decades in West Bengal threatens to cause serious embarrassment to the ruling Left Front in the run-up to this year’s Assembly election.
Written by veteran journalist Udayan Namboodiri, the 505-page book — Bengal’s Night Without End — is an exhaustive account of how the ruling CPI-M has subverted the administration and the police in the state to serve its political ends, and how its leaders have flouted laws, organised killings and violence to stifle dissent.
While the fact that the book has been published by a New Delhi-based foundation with strong links to the Bharatiya Janata Party is likely to provoke a furious counter-attack by the CPI-M, the author has based his findings on careful research, backed by interviews with several Communists — present and lapsed — including Amal Datta and Nantu Pal, and several mid-level and junior party functionaries.
The first part of the book dwells on the various acts of political violence that have marked Marxist rule — Sain Bari, Amta, the killings of Ananda Margis in Kolkata, Suchpur, Gorbeta, Dhantolla and others — and highlights how systematic election rigging has made nonsense of statistical probabilities.
The second part of the book describes how cynically the battle for votes has been conducted, both by the CPI-M and by those in Opposition such as Adhir Chowdhury.
Based on several case studies, it reveals how those with muscle power engineer electoral sweeps.
In the final part, the book describes how the bureaucracy and the administration have been subverted by Marxists



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