Saturday, January 14, 2006

Comrades agitate for cheaper movie tickets

DYFI does not limit itself to anhilating the class enemies, it also agitates against grave injustices, like expensive movie tickets. Way to go comrades!

Protest over rise in new film tickets rates during first two weeks (The Khaleej Times, 22 December 2005)

The Andhra government's move to allow the exhibitors of new films to increase the rate of cinema tickets for the first two weeks of the newly-released films has evoked a strong reaction from the cine-goers.

Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) staged protest against the government decision which leads to almost doubling of the movie tickets. "The move is aimed at benefiting big directors and distributors ," DYFI president M Venkatesh said.

He alleged that the government was legalising black marketing of cinema tickets by film directors and producers. When protesters tried to burn the copies of the government GO, the police intervned and resorted to baton-charge to disperse the mob. Several persons were injured.



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