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When CPM attacked other Communists

In case you got the impression that CPM was always at the recieving end of Naxalite attacks, here is another article in which Naxalites complain about being brutally attacked by CPI(M)'s "fascist forces".

How the hell did CPM activists get semi-automatic weapons?

Press Release

Condemn the barbarous murder of 10 People’s War’s sympathisers and other villagers of Chhota Angaria in Garbeta!

Avenge the murders by striking at the hearts of
CPM’s social fascist gangs !

On 4th January night the fascist forces of the CPI(M) and police encircled a small village called Chhota Angaria in Garbeta and attacked the house of Abdul Rahaman where some People’s War sympathisers were holding a meeting. They surrounded the house from 4 sides and began to spray bullets from semi-automatic weapons, thereby killing all 10 People’s War sympathisers and MKSS (Mazdoor Krishak Sangram Samiti) activists with unparalleled barbarity who had gathered there for a meeting from the surrounding villages and some other villages. Vestiges of their cruelty are all around the house which was burnt after the massacre to hide the evidence of the savage crime committed by the rulers of Bengal. Finally the social fascist CPI(M) removed all the villagers of Chhota Angaria to their ‘safe custody’ so that none could speak the truth. After the massacre the criminal gang of Sushanta Ghosh and Tapan Ghosh, the mafia leaders of the CPI(M), along with the police has removed all the dead bodies to some unknown place, the number of which may be ascertained only after an independent enquiry.

Earlier on 31 December, a 250-350 mob of armed CPM gangsters on motor cycles and trekers, with 5 van-loads of police, Special Armed Police and RAF made a similar raid in the Garbeta villages bordering Hoogly and severely beat up some PW sympathisers in villages Shovagar, Raikha, Charal and Bechachua. But that was a day time raid and our village defence squad, along with our local armed squad, could resist the attack with the help of the villagers. In these regions our comrades earlier fought a marathon battle with the BJP-TMC marauder forces in last May-June and defeated their attacks. After their defeat, the CPM leaders again entered the villages and since then they are trying to regain their lost territory, this time from the People’s War Party, which has deeply penetrated the masses, braving the terror tactics of both the CPI(M) and the BJP-TMC combine. Despite several attacks and regular threats our squads and mass organisations functioned there and expanded their base which caused panic to the CPI(M) leaders.

Since the last few months, particularly after the fall of the TMC citadel in Keshpur, the CPI(M) is concentrating its forces more and more on eliminating the forces of the CPI(M-L)[People’s War] which is the last remaining opposition to it in the entire region of Garbeta-Keshpur-Chandrakona-Goghat. As more and more people were gathering under the banner of the People’s War and MKSS to resist the CPM goondaism and to fight for their legitimate demands, the CPI(M) leaders, like Sushanta Ghosh and Tapan Ghosh of Garbeta and Abhoy Ghosh of Goghat became furious to see their continuously loosing grip on the area.

Hence to create mass terror they ultimately chose the heinous method of mass killings and fleeing with the dead bodies, as happened in AP by the grey hounds, in Kashmir by the Indian military and para military, and earlier in Punjab. This exposes the fascist character of not only the CPI(M) and Bengal state police but the whole Indian state and all the ruling class parties, who have sold out our country to the imperialists lock, stock and barrel, and are now fighting the people of the country particularly the revolutionaries to suppress all opposition to their loot and plunder.

We urge the democratic people of West Bengal to intensify their struggle against the criminal CPI(M) rule, get organised to change the killer system once and for all, by joining the on going People’s War in India that is raging in Andhra-Bihar-Dandakaranya. Our party pledges to avenge the killing of our comrades and the innocent villagers by striking at the heart of the CPI(M) fascist gangs and pay our blood-debt to the heroic martyrs of Garbeta.

Thanking you,


West Bengal State Committee

Date : 7-1-2001 CPI (ML) [People’s War]



At 6:33 AM, Blogger Pranati Banerjee said...

Commuism is fundamentally a violent ideology. We condemn CPIM violence as well as the violence unleashed by the Naxaites in early 1970s and that of the Maoists now.

Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao are more heinous than Hitler. It is time to acknoledge the fact that Marx indirectly is responsibly for all the genocide in the erstwhile
Communist countries.

'Çonfiscate the property of the rebels' -- Comminist Manifesto.


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