Sunday, January 01, 2006

Communists harrass civil servants in Bengal

Civil servants who do not kowtow to Communist pressure face severe harassment. The Statesman has two stories on the horrible treatment meted out to independent civil servants.

Bullied by Marxists (The Statesman, December 25, 2005)

After the Gopiballavpur II BDO’s harassment by leaders of the CPI-M-controlled panchayat samiti, now it is the turn of the Chandrakona I BDO to be bullied by the Marxists for not treading the path shown by them over tenders. As a consequence, all sorts of development activities in the block have come to a halt. This happens a fortnight after Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, at a meeting of the WBCS Officers’ Association, assured its members of security and cooperation. Nevertheless, the Chandrakona I BDO, Mr Narendra Nath Dutta, who took over the reins of the block over a month ago, has been feeling insecure for not toeing the CPI-M line. Under the party’s pressure, he had to leave the government quarter and shift to a dormitory. What is more worrying is that the panchayat samiti sabhapati and karmadakshyas have been boycotting the BDO since 13 December.

Honest BDO seeks transfer (The Statesman,November 24, 2005)

[T]he Gopiballavpur II BDO, Mr Samir Das, has been checked by the CPI-M-controlled panchayat samiti from doing his work as the official wanted to work as per government rules.The young WBCS officer incurred the displeasure of the panchayat samiti sabhapati, Mr Sunil Das, soon after he took charge on 13 September 2004 as he refused to pass pay bills against work of incomplete schemes. The sabhapati and the karmadakshyas did not approve of his constant vigil and surprise inspection of Central and state government-sponsored schemes....Failing to bring the tough BDO to toe their line, the sabhapati and the karmadakshyas along with some co-ordination committee staff of the office heckled the BDO at meetings. They also carried smear campaign against the BDO, and distributed posters and leaflets demanding his transfer. But the situation took an ugly turn, when after his return from Puja holidays the BDO found the doors, windows, curtains of his quarter had been covered with excreta. The BDO immediately informed the Gopiballavpur police of the matter over telephone, who later visited the spot. The action was repeated on 6 November when he was out of station, moving him to lodge an FIR with the police .But no arrest has been made till date.Matters came to a head on 18 November, when a drunkard sneaked into his residence while his wife was alone at home, and abused him in front of her. The BDO was at his office at the time, and the intruder had escaped by the time he rushed home.


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