Sunday, January 01, 2006

Election Commission detects fraud in Electoral rolls.

Scientific rigging by the Communists have reduced elections in West Bengal to a farce. The following Statesman Editorial highlights the fraud.

LINK TO ARTICLE (The Kolkata Statesman, Dec 31, 2005)


What eventual impact the Election Commission’s directive to West Bengal’s chief electoral officer to correct the “glaring irregularities” in the distribution of photo identity cards of voters would have is not clear. This is because similar directives from the EC in the past failed to deliver desired results. In fact things were made worse by two previous chief electoral officers, Basudev Banerjee and Sabyasachi Sen, who instead of doing proper follow-ups, allowed state government employees and government school teachers belonging to the CPI-M controlled unions engaged in the preparation of electoral rolls, to arbitrarily delete and include names in the voters’ list. This made a mockery of the state’s 2001 assembly and 2004 Lok Sabha elections. For instance it is an open secret that there are at least 30,000 bogus voters in Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s constituency in Jadavpur. This ensured his victory in the 2001 poll.
It also helped the CPI-M candidate to defeat the sitting Trinamul Congress MP Krishna Bose in 2004. The EC’s sudden discovery of “irregularities” in the distribution of PI cards is no news since at least a section of the media had been pointing these out to Nirvachan Sadan since the days when MS Gill was the CEC. For instance, the state polling staff have ensured that PI cards in most of the CPI-M run panchayats are not in the custody of actual voters but are with local Marxist functionaries. The “other irregularities”, pointed out to the EC, are more shocking. The same faces with and without beards, moustaches, glasses and wigs have appeared in countless PI cards. In many instances, the faces are easily recognizable as those of local Marxists. Photos of dead persons and those who have gone on transfer also figure.
Complaints have yielded threats from CPI-M strongmen who in Jalpaiguri recently enrolled 47 Bangladeshi nationals as voters on the basis of birth certificates they procured for them against hefty consideration. Marxist and official complicity in such distortions is an established fact. And this has been reinforced by Jyoti Basu’s latest admission that “help” received from the state government employees has ensured 29 years of uninterrupted rule.


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