Thursday, January 12, 2006

Indoctrinate,extort and kill

Communists in Jharkhand chalk out a plan to indoctrinate kids, who will constitute cannon fodder for the revolution. The Maoist Communists are also extorting money from school teachers.

Target them young is the new Maoist mantra (The Statesman, Jan 13, 2006)

Target them young – is the new buzzword among the top brass of the Maoist extremists in Jharkhand these days.
This new move has come into force recently after several rounds of meeting in the jungles of Saranda and Jhumra Hills. While taking a stock of its cadres as well as resources, the senior CPI (Maoist) leaders, have unanimously expressed their concern about the failing force of the threat of guns and land mines among the rural folks of the state, which they consider as their loyal support base.
The alternatives have been sought in the form of deep penetration into schools in the rural pockets of Jharkhand and indoctrinate more and more young minds with the “revolutionary ideals”.
The state intelligence department has received reports from at least seven rural areas in the districts, where the Maoists have already distributed Naxalite literature and booklets with ultra-Left ideologies among the school students.
“Last week, the extremists have distributed books and literatures containing lectures and the life of their leader, Comrade Charu Mazumdar. It also contains chapters about the non-relevance of the democratic institutions in the country. The booklets have championed armed struggle as the only alternative left for the deprived poor people, to win back their rights. The books and literatures were distributed among the students of primary and middle-level schools in the Simaria block in the Chatra district,” a senior state intelligence officer said.
Chatra district SP, Mr Sashinath Jha, also admitted that such literature was distributed among the students in rural areas. “We have started investigating the matter. Previously, we got reports that Maoists’ attempts to rope in students in their “Bal Dasta”, or children’s brigade. Steps have already been taken to confiscate such literatures from the primary and middle-level schools,” Mr Jha informed. The intelligence officers also informed that the extremists have shifted their focus from receiving levies from the teachers at 5 to 10 per cent of their salaries, only because they serve the state government.
“Of late, they have stressed on the need to have their “revolutionary curriculum” in the schools’ syllabus and have started threatening teachers of dire consequences. Some private schools in Hazaribagh and Dumka have also been targeted by the extremists to incorporate the Naxalite literature in their curriculum,” another senior police officer added.



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