Wednesday, January 18, 2006

News from the Communist fatherland

It is well known that CPI(M) considers itself as the local branch of the Chinese Communist party, rather THE Communist Party. The Indian Communists look upto their Chinese counterparts as a child looks upon his father, the main sentiment of our local comrades is that of adulation.

So let us have a look at the Communists' fatherland.


A week of protests by villagers in China's southern industrial heartland over government land seizures exploded into violence over the weekend, as thousands of police officers brandishing automatic weapons and electric stun batons moved to suppress the demonstrations, residents of the village said Monday.

The residents of the village, Panlong, in Guangdong Province, said that as many as 60 people were wounded and that at least one person, a 13-year-old girl, was killed by security forces. The police denied any responsibility, saying the girl died of a heart attack.


The clash in Panlong was the second time in just over a month in which large numbers of Chinese security forces, including paramilitary troops, were deployed to put down a local demonstration. The earlier protest, 240 miles north in the village of Dongzhou on Dec. 6 over the construction of a power plant, was one of thousands recently in rural China over the environment and land use, with little relief available through the country's legal system.

A couple of weeks earlier the Communists had slaughtered 30 people in Donzhou. The Communists are busy solving the root causes of such disturbances in a typically Communist way -- by stopping news organizations from covering such events.

In December, in the protest in Dongzhou, residents say as many as 30 people were killed when security forces opened fire on crowds of villagers demonstrating against the construction of a coal-fired power plant in their midst. The provincial authorities have acknowledged three deaths, but blamed the villagers for attacking the police. Meanwhile, Chinese authorities have restricted access to the village and have apparently ordered news organizations to sharply limit their coverage of the incident.

In Panlong, a little girl was killed. Another article in the NYTIMES tells us how

Police on Tuesday patrolled a village in southern China where a teenage girl reportedly was clubbed to death during a protest over land seizures, and Hong Kong news reports quoted villagers as saying demonstrations would continue.
In a rare break with their usual silence about protests, state media have denied that anyone was killed in Sanjiao or that police used violence. But numerous accounts by villagers and Hong Kong media reported the girl's death and said police attacked protesters with electric batons.

The intensity of the protests have forced the Chinese government to make some conciliatory gestures

The government tried to defuse public anger by announcing that the commander of the forces in Dongzhou had been detained, but there has been no word of any punishment for that commander or any other officials.

We end with a statistic that reflects the state of rural China

Government figures show there were 74,000 cases of rural unrest in 2004.

Mind you, the above are Communist statistics, the true figures are likely to be much worse.



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