Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A good Maoist

A top Maoist leader, Mahendra Bhuinya, has absconded with two crore rupees and a few kilograms of gold.

Thank you Mr. Bhuinya, the Maoists will have less money for slaughtering innocents.

Top Maoist disappears with group funds (The Statesman, Jan 18, 2006))

Dipankar Bose in Ranchi
Jan. 17. — A senior Maoist leader of Jharkhand, Mr Mahendra Bhuinya, has disappeared, allegedly with more than Rs 2 crore in cash and two kilograms of gold from the extremists’ high security funds. The report of Mr Bhuinya’s disappearance that was sent by “reliable sources” to the state police headquarters sent the police brass into a scurry to trace the whereabouts of the extremist leader.
According to senior police officers, the Maoist extremists are facing acute shortage of funds due to the theft carried out by Mr Bhuinya. Soon after the leader’s disappearance came to light, the extremists dispatched special batches of cadres to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune to trace his whereabouts.
Mr Bhuinya, alias Bipin, is the Jharkhand chief of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA), the combat wing of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). “The command structure of the CPI (Maoist) has been badly hit as the leaders have no credible answers with them to defend Bipin’s acts in front of the cadres,” said a senior state police officer.
Bipin had also been at the center of an earlier controversy. A few days ago, he was sternly warned after there were allegations that he was behind the misappropriation of party funds in the jungles of Dumria-Chattarpur in the Palamu district. Maoists sources had informed the police that Bipin had been asked to deposit the missing amount in the party fund very quickly. The party had also decided to shift him from Jharkhand to the Sonebhadra district in Uttar Pradesh, as a disciplinary action. Soon after this, Mr Mahendra Bhuinya disappeared along with more than two crore rupees collected by the cadres as levies and two kilograms of gold.
“Mahendra joined the organisation back in 1987-88 as an ordinary cadremember but gradually rose high in the party’s hierarchy. Sometime in the mid-’90s, apart from his duties as the chief of the PLGA, he was entrusted with the high profile job of the party’s treasurer. Since then, all the funds collected as levies and by other arm twisting methods used to come directly to him. It is with this accumulated money that Mr Mahendra fled along with his family members, leaving behind his comrades in an acute cash-strapped situation,” the officer added.
Reports have also suggested that Bipin has not only fled with the cash and valuables but that he has also taken some important classified documents and maps of the PLGA to which he alone had access. According to the extremist leaders, when senior leaders of the party go missing, they always prefer to live in the highly populated metro cities to camouflage their identities. As a result, special batches have been sent in to track Bipin and his family members along with the money and valuables. The state police have also increased their efforts to nab the high profile leader of the Maoist extremists.



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