Wednesday, January 18, 2006

CPI(M) linked with Maoist attacks in Nepal

A former chief of the Nepali Army has alleged that CPI(M) is linked to Maoist attacks in Nepal.

'India to blame for Maoist attacks in Nepal' (The Times of India,

A former chief of Nepal's army and advisor of King Gyanendra has blamed Indian opposition parties for the recent Maoist attacks in Kathmandu resulting in the death of 12 policemen.

Gen Sachit Shumshere JB Rana, who was chief of the Royal Nepalese Army from 1988 to 1991, said Saturday's attacks on two police posts in Kathmandu were due to the understanding reached between the militants and the opposition parties in New Delhi.

In October last year, the Maoists and leaders of opposition parties reportedly met in New Delhi to decide a joint strategy to counter the king.

Rana said the security situation in Nepal had improved after King Gyanendra seized power with the help of the army last year.

"The attacks could take place because of the Dilli daur (run to Delhi)," Rana said in Kathmandu on Tuesday, defending the indefinite curfew and ban on demonstrations imposed by the government on Monday night.

The opposition party being mentioned here is the CPI(M) and the Dilli daur refers to the Karat - Bhattari meeting.

Sandeep has a post covering the Prakash Karat - Baburam Bhattarai meet in depth.


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