Sunday, January 22, 2006

Incompetence of the police force

Revelations by J.K. Sinha, director general CRPF suggests that the Jehanabad police has been infiltrated by Maoist communists or it is hoplessly incompetent.

Bihar cops alerted on Jehanabad jailbreak: CRPF chief (

Bihar cops alerted on Jehanabad jailbreak: CRPF chief
Sunday January 22 2006 00:00 IST


NEW DELHI: Two months after the Jehanabad jailbreak incident when 340 inmates escaped from the prison, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) on Saturday said that the Bihar Police had prior information about the attack, but failed to take timely action.

"They (Bihar Police) had information six hours before the Maoist onslaught started in the evening, but failed to thwart the attack," said J.K. Sinha, director general CRPF, at a media briefing following the inspection of the Republic Day parade preparations.

Sinha added that after the jailbreak on Nov 13 too, the Bihar Police could not gather intelligence about the whereabouts of the Maoists and therefore the counter operations by the CRPF and the elite National Security Guards (NSG) did not produce the desired result.

"We do not have our own intelligence units for inputs about Maoists and the Bihar Police failed to provide us with the requisite assistance to carry out the operations," he added.

After the Jehanabad incident, "We have asked the state governments to regularly use a part of their force for anti-Maoist operations," said Sinha.

Two new training institutions have been started which would specialise in training personnel in anti-Maoist operations. One of these is in Himachal Pradesh, while the second is in Madhya Pradesh, he said.

Sinha said these institutions have already trained 11 companies of the force in counter-Maoist operations and are training the forces further.

Around 3,000 men from Jammu and Kashmir would also be recruited and used extensively in the counter insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir, Sinha added.


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