Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yankee Comrades celebrate bloodbath in India

Unlike the science and engineering departments, which are acclaimed for their high standards in research, the humanities departments in many American Universities are cesspools of hatred. Many professors use the classroom as a communist reeducation centre and try to pass shrill propaganda as research. So we were not surprised to come across an article by Gary Leupp, a professor of history at Tufts university, exulting in the orgy of violence unleashed by his Maoist comrades in India and Nepal, safely ensconced as a tenured professor in Massachusetts, Dr. Leupp daydreams about his murderous comrades overthrowing the state in India.

Some excerpts from his article:

It was a good year for the Maoists of India too. Their most sensational achievement of 2005 was the attack by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on the prison in Jehanabad in Bihar, 50 kilometers from the state capital of Patna, on the evening of November 12. Biking around the town around 8:30, the Maoists announced “a militant action of revolutionary character” and warned people to remain indoors. Immediately cutting power lines, they continued to make announcements through a public address system for the next two and a half hours, as they attacked police lines, the offices of the district administration, and the jail simultaneously. Using conventional rather than guerrilla military tactics, they overwhelmed the police, who simply surrendered. While freeing 341 inmates from the prison, including senior local Maoist leader Ajay Kanu, they took the opportunity to assassinate at least two leaders of an upper-caste militia. The CPI (Maoist) lost only two fighters.

... those who have nothing to lose but their chains respond, today as always, with enthusiasm to calls for radical change. Their hope is the flipside of the official dread greeting the resurgence of Maoism in the new millennium.



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