Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Malkangiri in the grip of Maoist fear

Malkangiri in the grip of Maoist fear

Statesman News Service
MALKANGIRI, May 4: People in Malkanagiri town and the suburban areas are panicking after 15 villagers were massacred by the outlawed ultras in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh bordering Malkanagiri.
People of Naxalite-prone Kalimela, MV-72, MV-79, Podia, Motu, Chitrakonda, Poteru, Gomphakonda, Gumka, Badighata and Marigata live in fear. Government officials never move in the Maoist-hit areas fearing ultras.
The “clay-more mines” and “pressure bombs” planted by the radicals on the state highway and the village road are creating panic.
Maoists are one step ahead of the local police as far as the recce is concerned. Maoists have prepared the diagram with regard to the location of police armoury, jail and other vital installations in Malkanagiri town.
Information on police movement is also being collected by the radicals and they are able to maintain a safe distance from the police who comb the forest.
Police and Intelligence officers could not reach the town to collect information on Naxalite movement due to the security threat posed by the ultras.
The radicals are well equipped with sophisticated machines to gather information about the town through the quickest possible means.
The local people say police surveillance on the Naxalites is a total failure. Senior police officials have often said that all possible steps are being taken to boost the morale of the cops to fight the Naxalites.
But the transfer system existing in the Malkangiri district is adversely affecting the morale of the police.
There are many officers and police personnel who were posted in the Naxalite-prone district without any transfer for years.

Source : The Statesman

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