Thursday, February 02, 2006

Communists disrupt offices

The fine on the Communists for vandalizing a shop during a bandh called by them hasn't made any impact on the glorious Communist way of celebrating life : murder,bandhs, hartals and dharnas. Communists in Kerala laid seige to the state secretariat to protest the "anti people" policies of the Congress government in power. Since all non-Communist governments are anti-people (by definition) the Communist goon squads can indulge in their favourite pastimes whenever they feel like it, of course to protest the anti-people, imperialistic etc. etc. activities of people they don't like.

Kerala: CPI (M) workers lay siege to secretariat (The Hindu, Feb 1, 2006)

Hundreds of CPI-M workers today took to streets in Kerala to lay siege to the government secretariat and district collectorates in protest against the "anti-people policies" of UDF Government.

The protest affected normal functioning of secretariat and collectorates.

The protesters who poured in from different parts of the district created a "human wall" around the secretariat. Ministers and senior civil servants, however, entered the complex through the Cantonment Gate.

Leading the protest, CPI-M state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan lambasted the Oommen Chandy Government dubbing it as a "total failure on all fronts".


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