Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Bengal Gazette

A review of Udayan Naboodiri's book article by Balbir Punj. Some interesting facts have been mentioned in the article.


It is an agonising story of how the Marxists have reduced to shambles a state that shone as a beacon in the days of the Independence Movement, and retained its position as industrial leader till the late Seventies. Udayan’s investigative journey into the heart of darkness began in 1986 when he visited the Sain Bari (the House of Sains) in Burdwan town. Sain Bari had become a household name in West Bengal when on March 17, 1970 Communist goons raided the house and slaughtered several members in broad daylight. The "crime" of the family was that they were Congress loyalists. The Communists were then a gathering storm. As part of the United Front government led by Ajoy Mukherjee of Bengal Congress, they were unleashing their terror techniques on "class enemies."

The Sain Bari episode which scandalised West Bengal and led to the imposition of President’s Rule, stands as a forgotten memorial of red terror. "An evil political force may have parted you from the breast of mother earth" deciphered Udayan on a dedication stone tablet on a grassy sidewalk near Sain Bari, "but your memory will forever fill our lives. Bande Mataram." A poignant but cautiously crafted say-it-all dedication plate. "Bande Mataram" was the primary slogan of the Congress in Bengal and the "evil political force" is Communism.

The anonymous wordsmith was correct in the diagnosis of Communism. Communism, by nature, is a violent, totalitarian and unforgiving doctrine. The Sain Bari massacre was the morning that showed the day. The book documents the saga of Communist terror in a 200-page section "The Book of the Frightened." From the massacre of Ananda Marg monks on Bijon Setu of Kolkata in 1982 to the massacre of the Trinamul supporters in Gorbeta (West Midnapore) in 2000, it brings out a horrifying tale of red terror.



At 11:36 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Would you please tell me who were the Sain brothers? What was there occupation?
Had they ever gone to jail for any crime? If yes what was their crime? What were they doing on that day in Burdwan? How did they manage to be present on that day in Burdwan?

Please let the reader know the truth not your fantasies.
If you are not a "sponsored intellectual terrorist" dare to keep my comment in your page.

At 4:22 AM, Blogger Rohit Kapoor said...

It was an interesting article. Just read the latest newspaper article by Mr. Arshad Ali here:-

Irony deals a brutal hand on this family — in CPM-Congress alliance, 46 yrs after Sainbai massacre

It shows a photo of Mr. Bijay Kumar Sain, the youngest son of the Sain family, at Sainbari.

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Alex Shimray said...

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