Saturday, December 31, 2005

Communists Fight Other Communists

The Naxalites detest CPI(M) because it has compromised its ideological purity by taking part in electoral politics. However both of them being good communists believe in terrorising and killing their opponents. Like theological differences between various Muslims sects lead them to killing each other, communists of different shades of red kill each other over hair splitting ideological differences, and similarly just as all Islamic sects detest the kaffirs (i.e., those who don't consider the Qur'an to be the word of Allah or Mohammed to be the "last prophet") all communists hate normal civilized people.

As one can see, differences in political opinion is not tolerated among communists, CPI(M) had ostracized their cadres who had crossed over to the Naxal side which led to the violence.

Naxalites beat up four CPM cadres (The Statesman, December 31, 2005)


Statesman News Service
DURGAPUR, Dec 30 – Four CPI-M cadres were wounded and rushed to the hospital in Burdwan today following a commotion in Debshala village in Ausgram PS area, Burdwan. The police has detained 24 Naxalite supporters who inflicted the wounds.
Trouble started in Debshala village last evening when a group of CPI-M supporters abused Mrs Borna Karmakar, a Naxalite supporter, when she was returning from a burial ground located in the outskirts of the village. The police said that she had been there to attend the last rites of the mother of Mr Badre Alam Chowdhury, secretary, CPI-ML (Democratic). After he joined CPI-ML, Mr Chowdhury’s family was ostracised following a diktat of the local CPI-M imposed for the last few years. The party leaders had also ordered that the villagers would not join the funeral of the Naxalite leader’s mother


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